I have exciting news! Book number 4 of the Billy Love novel series, Ursula’s Underground World, will be released on November 27, 2019. Truthfully, I never expected to write more than one book, but I have all of these ideas and plots swirling around in my head, and quite frankly, I love taking the characters on adventures in different historical time periods.

I started out with a trilogy of books, but now that I have completed a fourth book…it’s no longer a trilogy is it? It turns into a series. Does that mean there will be other books forthcoming? There’s a good chance for that since the first chapter of Ursula’s Promise is included as an addition to Ursula’s Underground World.

There’s something else that is different, too. The cover of my new book is bright red. That’s right, it’s quite a departure from the black and gold covers of the first three books. I wanted something new…something that signaled a new direction.

Ursula, Wolfgang and Ruth are young adults and become embroiled in the Cold War between the East and the West. The Communists are known for the color red so I made a conscious decision to create a brilliant red back ground on Ursula’s cover.

Notice the silhouette of the woman facing the Brandenburg Gate. Her shirtsleeves are rolled up and she appears to be defiant, with her arms and fists raised. I pictured Ursula as poet, railing against societal injustice.

During the Cold War, the Brandenburg Gate came to symbolize the division between West and East. It seemed the perfect artifact to place front and center on the book cover. One last item. My good friend Pam Barton designed all four of my book covers. They are all fantastic!

I hope you enjoy Ursula’s Underground World. I loved researching historical facts and writing the characters into history.