Readers, welcome to my web site. Please come inside and look around. Billy Love is everywhere—unavoidable and bigger than life. You might wonder how the character Billy Love got her name. I did too. Her naming is finally revealed in the final book of the trilogy Billy Love’s Secret Crusaders so keep reading to find out.

I am what is known in literary circles as a “plunger” in that I write sometimes without knowing where the plot will end up. The method has its advantages—I love the creativity and the freedom the technique gives me as a writer. It keeps me motivated. Heck I want to find out myself what Billy Love and her entourage are up to!

History. Ugh. I remember sitting in the classroom in high school and memorizing dates and places that were quickly ejected after an examination. There was nothing to hang my hat on.

But storytelling can change your perspective on how we view history. It humanizes the world and helps to see problems from multiple perspectives. Billy Love, her cousin Katerina and their Aunt Elisabetha have intertwining lives in my books.

I must be honest. I had no intention of writing novels when I retired. It just happened after I delved into my family history and met some strong personalities. And once I made the commitment to the main characters their lives become tangled together starting in the year 1928.

Historical fiction allows you to examine what might have been and what might occur in the future. I had no intention of writing more than one book. But then my pesky editor posed a lot of questions about the future of the characters and I was hooked on creating a series.

So readers, take a look around my site, read the chapter excerpts and reviews which will draw you in and make you want to discover more about my books…purchase my books and settle in for a great ride.