Billy Love’s Lavender Dress

15th Birthday Party

Billy Love’s Wolfpack is dedicated to my mother, Margaret Wolf, whose assortment of vintage 1920s and 30s clothing inspired my descriptions. The opening chapter depicts the lavender linen dress with the gigantic bow, which Billy Love wears to her fifteenth birthday party. In subsequent chapters I dress my women in everything from drop-waist frocks to beaded flapper dresses, all found in my inherited collection.

In an upcoming podcast which will be posted to my author website and other media outlets, I talk about my dress collection and how it influenced my thinking and writing in the Billy Love novel series.

A professional reads rich excerpts from Wolfpack that entice the reader to enjoy the extraordinary details of vintage clothing. Enjoy the podcast! The cast of characters include Billy Love Wolf and Katerina Wolf as they romp through life in the late 1920s and 30s.