WolfPack Across the Wall

In the sixth book of the Billy Love novel series, the Forsaken Children seek romance while unraveling mysteries. It’s the mid-sixties, and Ursula, Renata, Wolfgang and Ruth are caught up in the Cold War raging between East and West. The four young adults navigate relationships that take them into West Germany, East Germany and the U.S.S.R. Nurse May Phillips has been arrested, charged with spying on the Russians, and is incarcerated in a prison in East Germany. She holds many of the answers to the foursome’s questions. As they enlist the help of many, including celebrities, to free her, they come together through remarkable resilience and determination.

Billy Love's Wolfpack

It is 1928 in Oklahoma, and Billy Love Wolf is on the cusp of womanhood. Cousin Katerina Wolf and Aunt Elisabetha Wolf Braun reside in Germany. These three women are the voices of the Wolf clan, their complex relationships exquisitely intertwined. The pre-war years reveal an America seemingly uninterested in what is happening during Hitler’s rise to power—yet there are exceptions, with the three women working against the dark regime. What are their secrets?

Forsaken Children

It is 1945, and Germany has surrendered to the American allies. Bedlam ensues throughout the United States, as its citizens celebrate the Nazis’ demise. While there are widespread festivities surrounding the allies’ victory, the Wolf clan is despondent regarding the fate of the Jewish people. Adolf Hitler had come close to his goal of annihilating the entire European Jewish population.

Secret Crusaders

It is 1950, and with World War II finally over the world is deceptively calm. The German city of Berlin is divided into east and west zones with the Soviet Union occupying the East and the western allies, including the United States, controlling the West.

Ursula’s Underground World

I slammed the door behind me and squinted—examining every inch of my tiny apartment. The minimal furnishings: a couple of straight-backed wooden chairs a single mattress butted up against the far paint-peeled wall, a rickety metal table where I ate rations standing up.

Jean Wolf

In the Author’s Words

I retired from Grand View University after thirty-three years as a nurse educator. It was during my tenure there that I developed a penchant for policy and how it impacts people throughout the world.

Historical research is very important to understand the underpinnings of how policy is formulated and enacted. I completed extensive research for my novels Billy Love’s Wolfpack and Billy Love’s Forsaken Children.

The mix of immigration and discrimination is at the heart of my novels. American anti-immigration policies have existed since this country was founded—in my novels, the focus is on the plight of the Jews, before the World War Two, during the war and in the aftermath of the war. Following the war, thousands and thousands of German children from all walks of life were discriminated against and abandoned, left to succumb to the harsh forces of nature and the apathy of a weary nation. The children’s struggle for survival is highlighted in Forsaken Children


From my immersion in the health care field, I have come to understand the importance of physical and mental health in healing the body and the mind. My stories reflect the many assaults on people impacted by war—in particular, children as they experienced horrific circumstances resulting in behavioral challenges and worse…Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.), an unknown label in the 1940s.

I explore communicable disease, which was common where living conditions were crowded and people lived in filthy squalor. My novels are dedicated to bringing a myriad of issues to light, yet they also focus on the importance of relationships in bringing reform and light to a downtrodden world.

My definition of politics is the art of persuasion. I hope my passion and search for a complicated truth will keep the reader engaged and thoughtful.

I live in Des Moines, Iowa with my husband and two adult children. I am currently working on my fourth novel, Ursula’s Underground World.

Ginelle, Indianola, Iowa

My mom just came from Canada for a visit and she loves reading—so I lent her your novels and she started Wolfpack—said she was enjoying it so much she read until 2:30 in the morning! …

Lanier Little, Naples Florida

I thoroughly enjoyed Billy Love’s Wolfpack, even though most of the fashion commentary was lost. Thought it was a very creative story, populated by interesting and colorful characters….

Nurse Phillips…Dawn, Des Moines

Book 3 Billy Love’s Secret Crusaders was my favorite…

Jean Phillips, Des Moines

I finished Billy Love’s Wolfpack and just loved it! I appreciated how you took the time at the start to fully
develop the characters and lay the foundation for what was to come. Once the pace of the story picked
up, I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next…

Bri Rehn, Germany

Billy Love’s Wolfpack was great!…

Cindi, Des Moines, Iowa

I enjoyed your first two novels, Billy Love’s Wolfpack and Billy Love’s Forsaken Children. After reading your books we visited the Holocaust Museum in Skokie, Illinois. Your history was right on! It brought a deeper meaning to the display….

Susan Weyers, Des Moines

Amazing books! I’m almost done with Secret Crusaders (book 3)! Will there be a #4? They are engrossing and hard to put down. 

Julie, Des Moines, Iowa

I have finished the first two novels and have started the third and can hardly put it down! Love the characters and the locations!…

Laura Coyle, Des Moines Iowa

I’m loving your first book. I’m a sucker for a period piece. And I love the descriptions of the clothes!…

Cathy, Wellman Iowa

It’s great to be able to tell others I’m reading books written by my high school classmate. Be Proud, Jean!…Cathy,

Jean, Council Bluffs, Iowa

I had been waiting to read Dr. Wolf’s last book of the trilogy. I could not put it down. It was just so amazing. Her ending was so perfect and one could see she is an extraordinary author. I was so honored to have been the recipient of her books. They really captured my heart and the Wolfpack gang stands on its own. I am so glad Dr. Wolf is going to write Ursula’s story now.…

Sue, Urbandale Iowa

I just finished Billy Love’s Secret Crusaders and it is SO good. It is probably my favorite of the three novels.

Sheila Hughes, San Jose, California

I just finished your third book Billy Love’s Secret Crusaders! I loved all three! They had everything I wanted in a great read…historical background, good character development, and an intriguing storyline to keep me turning the pages. Can’t wait for your next one. I think your series would make a terrific movie, or even better a series for TV. Here’s to your continued success as an author…

Terrie Scott - Mason, Ohio

Jean Wolf Logan’s new novel Billy Love’s Wolfpack is a triumph in storytelling. Jean weaves a canvas so brilliant that the reader is transported back in time to the Golden Age of Hollywood and the horrors of Nazi Germany. Her female characters are strong, independent women who helped shape our world. This historical drama is a delight to read and an absolute page-turner. So, grab a warm cup of tea or a nice glass of wine, clear your mind and escape with Billy Love’s Wolfpack.

Susan Pogge - Des Moines, Iowa

From new author Jean Wolf, comes a compelling must-read book! Billy Love’s Wolfpack captures the love, danger, intrigue, and surprise among the bold members of the Wolf family. As each character is masterfully unveiled, we are transported on their journeys from Oklahoma to Hollywood, to Germany, pre-world war II and the inner circle of Hitler’s sinister private life. Like a well woven tapestry, the plot twists are intricate, and splendidly intertwined. As the family moves through the decade together, we’re catapulted along with them to a dramatic end. Absolutely brilliant!

Patricia Filer - Seattle, Washington

Let’s face it. We have all known someone who experiences a change in lifestyle and decides to reinvent themselves in a new person-as an artist, an historian, an entertainer, an author…Results can sometime be awkward and unfulfilling. When Dr. Jean Wolf Logan retired from a lifetime of nursing, she intended to pursue her interest in family genealogy. It wasn’t long though, before she uncovered clues, and mysteries and characters so delicious that she decided to weave them all together in an epic tale of three women during the turbulent pre-World War II era. Billy Love’s Wolfpack was created, carefully stitched together.

By creating an unlikely, yet believable connection between a bull-riding viola player from Oklahoma named Billy Love Wolf and Hitler’s gullible young mistress, Eva Braun, Jean has shown that-in her first work of historical fiction-she has mastered the art of storytelling. Just enough history and just enough lore. Billy Love Wolf just might be this generation’s Nancy Drew-and the Wolfpack her circle of curious, adventurous, and enterprising relatives and pals. Something tells me this Wolfpack has not yet begun to howl.

JoAnn Torpey - Washington, Iowa

Creativity abounds in Jean Wolf’s first novel as she invites you into a family who gives insights about pre WWII America and Germany. It is well researched with vividly drawn characters. The writing draws you in as she captures the time period with history and plot twists. It is an amazing first novel.

Mary M. - Newton, Iowa

Jean Wolf’s first novel explodes onto the pages, bringing characters to life in an intensely satisfying piece of fiction. Ms. Wolf deftly spins the Wolfpack story of a family who risked their lives to help innocent people

Andrew B - Seattle, Washington

I absolutely loved Billy Love’s Wolfpack. As I was reading I could not wait to get to the next chapter to see what would happen to the Wolf clan. I have already started rereading it from the beginning!

Anne H. - Tampa, Florida

Purely imaginative! Jean Wolf writes a fascinating story of a family of strong women who find out over the course of ten years how much their relationships meant to each other. I loved the descriptions of the clothing they wore. I could almost feel the satin and see the rhinestones glitter in my mind.

From Germany the story takes its twists and turns and was impossible to put down. I did not see the ending coming and was saying a big YES at the end.

Carl C. - Maryland

Reading Wolfpack was a tremendous pleasure. You tell a good story and I marvel at how much you know about Germany in the 1930s including anti-Semitism and its tentacles throughout the world. I particularly liked your portrayal of Marlene Dietrich and the scenes in Hollywood and Palm Springs.

I do know a good novel when I read it. And you have developed specific skills that are needed to write a good novel.

Colleen Hensel - Davenport, Iowa

Billy Love’s Wolfpack is a fast moving historical novel. This pre WWII story has action, romance and mystery as it follows interesting intertwined characters.  Billy Love is a colorful, energetic young woman who enlists her cousin and friends to untangle family secrets that involve Hitler’s regime and Hollywood royalty.

Sue Zeller - St. Louis, Missouri

This historical fiction book is well researched and was a fast read.  It is filled with interesting characters whose exploits keep you turning the pages. A surprising twist keeps you awaiting a sequel.

Sanna Kueffer-Henzi - Atlanta, Georgia

This wonderful story set in the 1920s and 1930s does a beautiful job of describing the period and the Wolf family of the era. There is a strong family bond that we can all relate to and strive to have. Looking forward to the sequel.

Mary Yungeberg - South Dakota

I loved the story! The ending was incedible and tied everything together in an unexpected and delightful way. The title drew me in and made me curious to read the story. The plot seemed entirely plausible to me, regardless of altering Eva’s pathway. The dramatic arc of the story worked very well. I wanted to know what was going to happen to everyone involved in the story. The information about various events kept my interest and flowed along with the story. I’m thinking of your descriptions of the cabaret clubs, bull-riding and playing the viola. And your secondary characters were excellent: A.R., Eva and Marlene Dietrich.

Terrie S. - Ohio

FORSAKEN CHILDREN is even better than the first book, gripping and heartbreaking.

Mary S. - Cincinnati, Ohio

I love this series.  Forsaken Children was a wonderful sequel.  It was just terrible to think what these children went through.  Jean handled the subject eloquently.  Highly recommend.

Julie Klein - Des Moines, Iowa

Forsaken Children is a compelling follow-up to Billy Love’s Wolfpack. It is a captivating story focused on the lives of strong women forging together after the war-torn era. The last chapter will leave you heart-broken but intrigued about the future of Billy Wolf’s clan and the forsaken children. I eagerly anticipate the next journey: Billy Love’s Secret Crusaders.

Lynn Dougall - Washington, Iowa

The Billy Love novels are a wonderful mesh of colorful characters living their lives based on fact and fiction. Both books are a pleasurable read and I look forward to the third book of the trilogy. It was interesting learning about aspects of World War II of which I was not familiar. Great Job!!!

Jann Freed - Des Moines, Iowa

Billy Love’s Wolfpack is an intriguing work of historical fiction that takes place in the lead up to World War II.  The author develops characters in a way so curious minds want to know what happens next. Just when I thought I could predict what was going to happen next, the book takes an interesting turn to keep me reading. I look forward to reading the sequel Forsaken Children to learn about the adventures of Billy Love and the unpredictable family dynamics.

Kathy Dean - Washington, Iowa

Absolutely loved the second of the Billy Love series Forsaken Children.  Amazing how easy it was to roll right into it and the characters are familiar and immediately come to live once again.  The research that was required to put this book together has to be remarkable.  As with the first book, I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it.  Can’t wait for No. 3!

Kaylene Ruby - Des Moines, Iowa

Billy Love’s Wolfpack is a wonderful book from a great new author! The weaving of history and fiction is especially interesting to me. From the American West to pre-war Germany, the story gives insight into important events and wonderful descriptions of the characters and the time period. The people come alive and compel you to see where their adventures will go. It was a fast, intriguing read and I am excited to read the sequel and discover much more about Billy Love and her pack.

Kaylene Ruby Retired Grand View University Professor

Cindy Meredith - St. Louis, IL

Billy Love’s Wolf Pack written by Dr. Jean Wolf will introduce you to the thrilling world of Billy Love Wolf, a truly independent, intelligent, and vibrant woman living during the times leading up to and during World War II. Dr. Wolf blends historical facts into the fictional world of Billy Love and her extended family and friends living in the United States and Germany. Mystery, romance, and intrigue surround Billy Love and her Wolfpack, keeping the reader engaged and ready for the next adventure to unfold. Dr. Wolf rises to the challenge of creating a fascinating story and an exciting dynasty of characters that will last and entertain the reading public for years to come.


Once again, congratulations on a fine novel. As with the first volume, I marvel at the breadth of your research and your skill in constructing a heart-rending story that really put me back into that horrendous time. I particularly appreciated your courage in making clear that America for all its virtues was not morally clean on the scales of humanitarian justice. I was not aware of the thousands of dislocated German children and how indifferent the jubilant victor nations were to their plight.

I remember the War well; I was 10-years old when it ended, and one of my uncles was killed in combat in Germany. As I got older and studied the war in retrospect, I realized that a lot of my views were wartime propaganda and that the cause of the war and the behavior of the warring nations was too complicated to be reduced to good guys vs. bad guys; but some of the beliefs have strong tenacity — for example, I still naively tend to assume that the Americans, unlike the Germans and the Japanese, did not torture their prisoners or rape the wives of the defeated enemy soldiers. You are to be commended for your courage in speaking the truth, particularly in the rape scene at the end.

I’m looking forward to Billy Love’s Secret Crusaders when it is available. Thanks for sending the Mohonk excerpt. I wrote Bert and told him to be prepared to see himself as a character in a novel! Not many of us have that opportunity.

Again, congratulations on a marvelous piece of work. I am in awe of what you have done.



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